This sermon resource page is to be primarily a help to those attending The Bridge Church Moorpark.  If you listen, you will hear me asking our people questions and interacting with those responses.  We are a small church and I prefer some interaction.  I’ve been told I should “preach like you’re talking to someone on the Internet.”  While I understand the motivation behind that, my goal is to shepherd and teach those God has given to our church family.  Some of the comments may confuse you as you listen, but I hope the sermon notes (.pdf) can help clear up some of that as you follow along.

All that being said, I pray that you are encouraged, challenged and equipped by the preaching of God’s Word. If something is confusing, lay that at my feet.  God’s Word is clear, powerful to transform hearts and lives, and God’s Word to us about Him and about who we are before Him. 

In Christ,

Pastor Chris

In order to view the sermon notes for a corresponding sermon, click on "RESOURCES" at the bottom left of the viewing pane, and select "SERMON NOTES."

Sermons are also available for free on iTunes.